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Laravel auth0 integration : The redirect_uri parameter is not valid



Hi, I tried to integrate Auth0 into my laravel app according to Auth0 Laravel Quickstart,
made all the steps,

It redirects me to

Oops!, something went wrong
nvalid_request: The redirect_uri parameter is not valid: “local.accounts.wallter/auth0/callback” If url looks fine, check that you are not including non printable chars

I tried to google yet found nothing.
Any Idea? Can you please help?



Hey there @meirr, when you get a moment can you verify that the redirect_url configured is as:


Please let me know if this helps solve your issue or if you continue to experience the problem. Thanks!


Hi James,
I added the redirect_url was missing ‘http://’ . and it fixed it.
Thanks a lot!

Just to notice I followed
laravel quickstart
I read there
redirect_uri - The callback URI for your Laravel application to handle the login response from Auth0; by default this is APP_URL/auth0/callback (required)
I suppose you meant ‘http:’ is inside APP_URL …

Thanks a lot!


I’m glad everything worked out! Please be sure to stop by and let us know if you run into any other challenges again.


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