Laravel - login window doesn't appear back after user-pass logout

Hi there!
I build quick start laravel example.
It works, I can login with Google, Facebook and Username-Password
If I logout as Google or Facebook user - all fine.

But, when I logout after login with username-password authentication and try to login again - there is no prompt window with login options (like this one:

) and I get to application without user-password entering.

It is, probably, some settings issue, but I can’t even imagine to myself where to look for info about it.
Please help :slight_smile:

Hey there @evgeny, are you seeing any errors in the developer console during this workflow? It’s interesting that the social login/signout process is working as expected but the username and password isn’t redirecting as desired.

I have attached the logout documentation below that dives into leveraging the returnTo querystring parameter with the target URL as the value. This may help you in your pursuit but if not please let me know and I would be happy to help further! Thanks!

Hi James!
I’ve already tried to logout using redirectTo (example: “return \Redirect::intended(”) )
But as part of code it’s USUALLY not working…

In case I go to this link:

Some times, when I log out it gives me some error page several times

And after that it behaves as I expected, but not always. It looks some kind or random behavior.

I be glad to send you a code of logout controller or any other pieces of logic.


I wanted to follow up @evgeny and ask If you can snag me a HAR File and send it in a DM when you are recreating this workflow and experiencing the error? This would allow me to have possibly a deeper look at what may be occurring during the purposed situation? Thanks in advance!

Touching base @evgeny and seeing how everything is going? If you are still experiencing the same issue could you please get a HAR File and direct message it over to me so we can take a look at what it’s going on during the workflow process? Thanks!

Thank you for sharing your HAR file, I will take a look and see what I can find!

Do you mind sharing how you are calling your Authorize endpoint via a code snippet @evgeny?

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