Laravel doesnt “remember” user

My problem is exactly described here:

Then I pass, let’s say, a Google authentication, and get back to callback, it executes \Auth::login($user, $service->rememberUser());

And then goes back to login page where I check if user is already authenticated…
auth()->check() or Auth::check() is False, as Auth::user() or auth()->user() is NULL

And the session is cleared…

So it always tries to login, after previous login success

Probably, your Laravel quickstart tutorial is missing for some steps about saving user logged in in Laravel app

@evgeny - Sorry for the trouble here. There is a section on the Quickstart that talks about tying Auth0 into the Laravel authentication system here:

Do you have that implemented and still having trouble? I have a test app locally that’s setup using that process and I’m able to use the Blade @auth tags just fine:

            <a href="{{ route('logout') }}">Logout</a>
            <a href="{{ route('profile') }}">Profile</a>
            <a href="{{ route('login') }}">Login/Signup</a>

Is that driver not configured?