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I am integrating auth0 with laravel but I have a problem.
I followed this https://auth0.com/docs/quickstart/webapp/laravel/01-login

I can login well but when I press the logout it´s seems like I have logout but then when I click login doesn´t ask me for email and password.

In the history of user I see lot of success login but never a logout.

I can see a success logout if I press the logout button twice.
Also some time when I press once I see a success exchange in the log.

any idea?

Hello @Maxi,

Fully logging a user out means ending the application session, the Auth0 session, and the identity provider (which may be Auth0) session. I am not sure whether the Laravel Quickstart does this or not. Details here:

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Thanks a lot Mark for sharing the knowledge on that front!

Thanks Markd!

But my problem is that the log out session is working when I press the logout click twice.
If I press one time it seems like I logout because it show me the login button as the guide says but if I click it doesn`t ask me nothing, just login and show me the logout button.

Hi @Maxi,

The behaviour you describe (click logout once, click login and you are logged back in w/o having to enter credentials) is the behaviour we expect when the application session is logged out, but your Auth0 SSO session (and/or your identity provider session) is still logged in.

If clicking logout a second time is resulting in different behaviour, I don’t have a good explanation for that. I’d suggest recording HAR file and have someone from Auth0 look at the HAR file to see what is happening.

I understand what do you say, so how do I logout from auth0?
or the idea is to never logout?

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