Language on pages and in emails defined outside (from tenant application)

Hi, in the project we have a case where tenant appication’s user defines a preferen language withing the application and can change it anytime.
And we want to use the same language on auth0 pages like login and this is doable by eg. passing additional options on loginWIthRedirect for SPA and that is great.
But we also want tu use the same language in emails but we cannot use technique described on Customize Email Templates in “message body” secition becuase it wont work as expected (we want to give possibility to user to choose prepered language at any time from Tenant application and use this language on auth0 side)
Is it possible to achive what we want?
Most important question i guess is how to pass additional data into mail template engine for all email types on performing action triggering mail sending

For email verification email it is possible to pass additional parameters by passing
additional hidden signup field like:
new Auth0Lock(…,
[ {
type: “hidden”,
name: “clientLanguage”,
value: config.extraParams.clientLanguage
But for password reset email i dont see any option like this