Key Themes and Insights from Auth0 Community Ask Me Anything: Customize and Extend CIAM with New Forms for Actions

I’m thrilled to share key insights from the recent Auth0 Community AMA event, featuring @jacobovidal Group Product Manager at Auth0 by Okta. This session focused on our latest feature on the Actions platform, Forms for Actions.

The event was a tremendous success, featuring insightful questions and comprehensive responses from Jacobo, our product expert.

If you missed the live online event, don’t worry! Here’s a quick summary of key highlights and takeaways. You can also explore all the detailed questions and answers in the Forms for Actions Discussion Thread.

Before we dive into the AMA event summary, we want to express our gratitude for your enthusiasm and thoughtful questions. As a token of our appreciation, we have awarded all participants a special community badge!

Top 5 Highlights

Setup and Configuration

  • Common Setup Issues: When setting up the connection to Auth0, ensure you use the correct app and credentials. A Machine-2-Machine application with the right scopes is necessary.

  • Pricing: Forms for Actions are included in all pricing tiers, including free plans.

Use Cases and Flow Control

  • Post-Login Flow Support: Currently, Forms for Actions only support the post-login flow.

  • Email Confirmation: To force email confirmation during login, add logic in the onExecutePostLogin or onContinuePostLogin methods to force email verification depending on the value of the email_verified property.

  • Customization and Flexibility

  • Email OTP Verification template: If the predefined “Email OTP verification” form fails, ensure the reference value is correctly set. The debugger will also help you understand what’s failing.

Compatibility and Enhancements

  • Web-Only Application: Forms for Actions are currently designed only for web-based applications.
  • Logout Functionality: While there’s no built-in logout feature in forms, the Sessions API can help users revoke user’s sessions.

Feature Requests & Roadmap

  • Extended Trigger Support: Future updates will support triggers beyond post-login, including password-reset-post-challenge.
  • More Components TypesSupport: Enhancements will include dynamic content in dropdowns and components for adding images/logos.
  • Pass Collected Form Data to Actions: Soon, you will be able to pass collected form data to Actions and use it in the onContinuePostLogin method.
  • UI Improvements: Addressing UI bugs and adding features like text under choices and rounded controls are on the roadmap.

What’s Next

Join us for our next online AMA in the Auth0 Community on July 9, where we’ll unveil exciting details about a new Auth0 integration. Stay tuned for more information!

Additionally, if you’re interested in Workforce Identity Cloud, don’t miss our AMA session with the Okta Identity Governance team on June 13. You can start submitting your questions here.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for future AMA topics! Please reply below with your ideas.

See you next time!