Introducing Auth0 Actions Beta!

Great news, we’re excited to announce Auth0 Actions and it’s public beta!

Actions are just another tool in your identity solution toolbelt to meet all of your application needs will work in tandem with Rules and Hooks!

Actions are functional services that fire during specific events across multiple identity flows. This behavior works like a trigger system. The triggers that kick off an Action are extensibility points such as post-login or client credential exchange. The Actions platform is designed for Auth0 to continuously add additional triggers as our core product develops.

Action Features

The Actions platform comes with:

:raised_hand: Drag N Drop Functionality — The flow editor lets you visually build custom workflows with drag and drop Action blocks for complete control.

:computer: Monaco Code Editor with Quick-hints — Designed with developers in mind, you can easily write JavaScript functions with validation, intelligent code completion, and type definitions with TypeScript support.

You can also securely store and use secrets within your custom functions. Once they are saved, they cannot be read in plain text in the code again.

We have also increased the functionality of your code by allowing access to the full library of NPM packages and modules.

:office: Serverless (Function as a Service, FaaS) Environment — We host your custom Action functions and we process them when desired. The functions are stored and run on our own infrastructure. This improves overall performance and security for our customers.

:floppy_disk: Version Control — Everything you love about Git and version control is now available for your custom Actions. You have the ability to store a history of individual Action changes and the power to revert back to previous versions as needed.

:file_folder: Pre-Production Testing — Outside of Actions, custom extensible code is not able to be tested unless rolled to your production environment. We are happy to announce that with Actions, your personal Actions can be drafted, reviewed, and tested before deploying into production

:bug: Debugging — Nothing is worse than getting an error and not having the ability to track down the problem. Actions provides the ability to determine causality by tracking state changes.

If you are a pro user wondering about how this affects Rules and Hooks, don’t worry as Actions will function separately. We want to win you over with Actions!

Planned Beta Rollout:

  • October 27th: Beta will open in Australia
  • November 5th: Beta will open in Europe
  • November 9th: Beta will open in the Americas
  • November 16th: Avocado Labs Actions live stream

Action’s how-to blog and documentation are both available now!

We’d love to have your feedback, please join the conversation about Actions!


Let us know if you have any questions about the new features!

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Auth0 Actions beta is now open for Australia and Europe!

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Auth0 Actions Beta is now available everywhere! Please share your feedback with us as you use it :slight_smile:

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do you plan to provide API endpoints into the management API to manage actions? With the infrastructure as code that is growing, it will be a must have.

Let me check our product roadmaps platform and get back to you in a few minutes!

Unfortunately I don’t see anything about it in our product tool. I’m gonna reach out to appropriate product manager to learn more about it! Will let you know as soon as I have the news!