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Recently we received an error report from one of our users about an unexpected behavior during his login attempt on auth0. Since we looked into the logs and could find nothing suspicious or that indicates that something happens we start to wonder if there is a way to keep track of errors in the Universal Login page?

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I’m not aware of a way to track errors that occur on the Universal Login page that don’t result in a logged tenant event. If the user received an error message from Auth0, there should be a log. However, if you’re using the Classic Universal Login and the error occurred in a custom template, unfortunately, I’m not sure how the error could be tracked.

You may find the troubleshooting docs helpful:

Also, here is the documentation for monitoring your Auth0 tenant applications:

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Thanks, @stephanie.chamblee

We discussed these points with our product team. They have agreed that it would be better to use the new universal login experience instead of a customized one.

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