Corresponding error messages for errors

Dear Team,

Could you please let me know, where can I find the corresponding error messages that Auth0 will display for the errors listed in the below page.

Hey there!

Apart from the doc you referenced and this one:

we don’t have any other docs regarding that but it’s definitely a good piece of feedback for our teams. Can I ask you to advocate for that by creating a Feedback topic here and providing all the context? Thank you!

Thank you so much for the reply. I can create a feedback for the team to work on.

Perfect! Thanks a lot for doing that!

I just found this topic after finding an inconsistency with the docs and actual API responses.

In the docs it says invalid_user_password will be returned with the description “Wrong email or password”. But actually I’m getting invalid_grant not invalid_user_password.

We can’t use the Auth0 login widget (unfortunately) so we have to roll our own error handling. It would be really great to have the most up to date error/error_description/statusCode mapping.

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