Custom errors for Universal Login Page

Feature: Parameter to pass a custom error message to the Auth0 hosted universal login.

Description: Currently it is not possible to pass a custom error message when calling the browser SDK loginWithRedirect method that is then displayed on the Auth0 hosted Universal Login.


Our login completely relies on the Auth0 hosted Login Page and we do not have any page implemented for not logged in users (and therefore no place to show error messages to login scenarios). Our current use-case is to block logins for non-verified users via Auth0 Flow which causes a redirect back to our application with ?error=access_denied&error_description= parameters and we want to pass this error to the Universal Login. Independent of this scenario, imho it is also useful for many other situations to pass an error message to the Universal Login page.

Hi @uc_ps,

Thanks for submiting this feature request!

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Hi! I’m also looking at a similar situation:

We have a React application that we have blocked off entirely behind a hosted Auth0 Universal Login page. I have an Auth0 Action (I’ve also tried this with an Auth0 Rule) configured such that certain email domains will not be allowed to sign up. When this case is hit, the Universal Login redirects to my application’s domain with the error parameters appended: My application then redirects to the Universal Login page, and the error parameters are lost at this point.

This seems like a basic use-case so I’m a bit confused as to how we are supposed to do error handling with the Universal Login page.

I would assume that in the event of a failure to sign in, the Universal Login page would redirect back to that page with the error parameters appended, so that the logic on that page can show something.

What am I missing?