Is there a way to create extra page?

Hi, what we need is that an anonymous user that read 5 topics when he try to read the 6th a signup login aperar with a legend “To read more you need to register” … It’s this possible?


Hi @ldibello,

I don’t believe Auth0 offers this in its SDKs out of the box, but you could probably implement this by keeping track of the viewed topics count for unauthenticated users in a cookie or local storage and then rendering a link to Universal Login if the count is greater than 5. Have you tried a solution like this?

Ok, counting is not the problem, that’s is ok, the problem is to modify the sign-up page to a custom with a legend like I tell above.

Sure, that is possible. If you’d like to include the signup form directly in your app, you can find info in our docs:

Please note the warning:

There are security concerns with this approach, particularly if you do not use the Auth0 Custom Domains feature because that scenario can potentially expose your application to cross-origin authentication issues. To learn more, read Cross-Origin Authentication.

Using the Universal Login is the recommended approach. You could show a message after 5 topics are viewed that shows a button that takes the user to the Universal Login.

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