Is there a way to configure a basic authorization header?

I am trying to configure an external Open ID Connect provider on an auth0 tenant. My connection is configured to use code flow authorization. The login works, code is received back to auth0, but I have an issues with getting token (call to token endpoint). The basic authorization header seems to not be correct ( getting invalid_client error). Is there a way to configure this header? The external provider supports only basic authorization for token endpoint.


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I am afraid this can not be done.

The openID connect provider should not require basic authorization as per their protocol specifications.

The call should contain certain parameters in the POST request. As an example you can find the authorization code flow we use in auth0 here.

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I found a solution. I have created a Custom Social Connection from Extensions -> New connection tab and there I was able to add a Custom Authorization header.

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Perfect! Glad you have it working!