Is there a way in Auth0 to force user to set initial password if never logged in before

Hi all,

My company is creating an app that is built using ionic 5 (capacitor) that utilizes the ionic Enterprise AuthConnect plugin to integrate with Auth0.

Question. Is there a way (extension/sdk) in Auth0 that can be used to detect if a user has never logged in before, and if so, redirect the user from the login screen to the password set screen (to force the user to set the initial password)?

Hi @derekm,

How did the user initially sign up? This sounds vaguely like the invite flow:

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply. My team and I initially setup the user by adding them into Auth0 (user management component). This triggers an email that goes out to the user, that requires them to set their initial password.

However, users are getting confused. The ideal would be to eliminate this whole email verification process, and to have the system detect right when they are presented with the auth0 login screen that they are NEW (never logged in before) and hence auto-direct them to the “set password” page.

Is this possible?


There isn’t an out-of-the-box feature that would allow for this. Have you considered using passwordless magic links?

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