Forcing Users to reset password on first login

I am new to Auth0. I am able to create users using Auth0 Create User management api. However i need a mechanism to force user to change their default password on first login.

I have gone through link Send email invitatin for application signup, but I am not able to understand how to implement that.

How can I achieve this functionality. Kindly help.

Hi @shravandivity,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Firstly, let me clarify that if you create the users on their behalf rather than allowing them to sign up, they won’t be able to log in since they don’t know the passwords you set for them.

In general, we recommend that you repurpose a password reset email template to become an invitation email by changing the contents of the message body.

Then, to trigger the password reset for the user, you can call the POST /dbconnections/change_password endpoint

Please refer to our Send Email Invitations for Application Signup documentation for more details.

Keep me posted if you have any difficulties with the implementation.


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