Is there a standard error code or error description?

We are trying to have a standard way of handling errors. But the error description return from auth0 is not consistent, something is just a string, sometimes, it’s an object/array. when api return 500, the error message is in somewhere else.

Also, for example, when password field is empty, the message is something like: "Invalid request body. All and only of client, credential_type, username, password, realm are required’. Is there a
standard error message like “password is required” , which can be shown to user?


As far as current error messages you should find most common ones here:

And as a note, if you’d like to change what codes display to users, you can look into using Lock or the Hosted Login Page in the management UI which would give you control over how sign up and login messages display. See here for that: Customize Lock Error Messages

Let me know if there is any more I can advise.

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