Handling the errors received on password reset form

I need the password reset error handling, can anybody guide me from where to get the details about the errors returned from Auth0 for password resettings and how to handle them?


Hi Sohaib,

I’m currently facing issues in handling errors for password reset form. I’m using Lock v11 for auth0 integration. Could you please tell me if you have figured out how to handle errors.


Hey there @sohaib1 and @Charu, can you share more about the errors you receiving? Thanks in advance!

I also have linked some documentation below related to resettings users passwords.

I wanted to follow up @sohaib1 and @Charu and see how things are going? If you are still experiencing an issue, I’d be happy to help. Thanks!

Hi James,

As per my implementation, I’m trying to capture any Auth0Error exception thrown by Auth0 for password update, i.e., Auth0 throwing this exception for password not meeting the password policy, but more so in a generic fashion. What I’m trying to achieve is to receive more information about the error and render specific message to the user.

As per Auth0 documentation, for sign-up issues, Sign-up errors will return a 400 HTTP status code. The JSON response from Auth0 provides granular information about the error returned. Ref: Password Strength in Auth0 Database Connections

But for me, the Auth0Error is caught in the exception handling and returns with only three fields , status_code, message, error_code. I’m not finding way forward for how do I capture the description params in the Auth0Error captured by my code.

Could you help me find a way out here.


From what I gather @Charu you may need to implement a custom solution using the Auth0 Management API v2. Using the Management API v2, you will be able to define your own password reset flow and enforce any password validation requirements needed. I have linked some documentation in regards to the Management API below. Please let me know if this helps. Thanks.

I’m facing probably a variable problem, can’t find all the Auth0ChangePassword documentation. It seems url variable is missing, I’m using the default hosted page for Reset Form:

new Auth0ChangePassword({
  container:         "change-password-widget-container",     // required
  email:             "{{email}}",                            // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
  csrf_token:        '{{csrf_token}}',                       // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
  ticket:            '{{ticket}}',                           // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
  password_policy:   '{{password_policy}}',                  // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
  theme: {
    icon: "https://i.imgur.com/NViwS67.png",
    primaryColor: "#00ba68"

Check the response in the following screenshot, url: ?email:juan... where url is empty

To follow up with you @it16 in regards to your question, the Auth0ChangePassword control is used as part of the reset password hosted page and to my knowledge there isn’t a specific documentation page about its available options. However, if you try to customize the reset password page through your Dashboard you’ll notice that the available options to customize this control are provided within comments in the default template used for this hosted page.

Please let me know if this helps answer your question.

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