Is the "Real-time Webtask Logs" Extension currently down?

I’ve been using the “Real-time Webtask Logs” Extension successfully for several weeks.

Today when I attempted to access those same logs via the extension / Web UI, I’m not seeing any logs come through.

Wondering if others are experiencing the same issue? I’m experiencing the issue in multiple tenants (stage and prod). And while I have been modifying things and developing Actions in stage, we have not made any changes to our production account, but it is still affected.

Hey @andrew.ryan welcome the community!

I believe this was related to an incident that has since been resolved - Are you still having issues?

Hey @tyf ,

Thanks for the quick reply and the welcome message. I’ve found many community posts very helpful as we work through implementation details. Appreciate the work you all do here!

Unfortunately, still no longs coming through this morning. I tried my regular browser session and a fresh incognito session. I tried both our production tenant and a lower environment tenant in both sessions also.

Thanks again @tyf ! Logs are now appearing again. :+1:

The support team responded to my support ticket a little while ago confirming that it was an issue but was only affecting some tenants and not others.

FWIW, if others are affected, the support person suggested that I uninstall the extension, re-install the extension, and try again. And at this point the uninstall/reinstall fixed the issue. Logs are appearing again! :raised_hands:

Thanks again! :beers:

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That’s great @andrew.ryan thanks for following up here!

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