Is refreshing a token priced the same as obtaining a new token?

Very silly question, I suppose, but I could not find a clear anwser: does refreshing an access token (with a refresh-token) count the same (in the monthly quota for paying accounts) as getting a brand new access token ?

Hey there!

As far as I know refresh tokens count towards user quota. The usage is based on specific events that are logged in tenant logs. Let me double check that and get back to you shortly!

Yep that is correct. A refreshed access token does get counted as the user being active for the month and thus is considered for your monthly MAU quota

Thanks ! Just to make sure, does it also apply for the M2M quota ?

Partially. Refresh tokens are not provided in the client-credentials grant (M2M). When it comes to quota, if the audience of that token is for an Auth0 service (like the management API) then we don’t count that toward a customer’s quota; we only count tokens issued for external services (like your APIs).