Is Password Recovery is there in auth0 like we have in workforce okta tenant? if so what are the options do we have

We have gone through the documents and i could not able to find out the answers for this. will somebody help here?

Thanks in advance.

Please educate us to understand this product. We are waiting for your reply.

Hey there!

This forum is related to Auth0 product and we as community engineers are not aware of Okta offering. Can you share more context what password recovery from Okta is like so we can eventually guide you toward the right documentation at Auth0? Thank you!

Self-service password reset functionality in which user will allow to reset his/her password via “Forget password” and user will prompt for MFA challenge so that he/she can able to confirm their identity post that user will be asked to create new password.

This kind of offering/Service is there in Auth0 ?

Sure! We have that. Here’s more on that:

A few links to the docs and community topics from users that already asked it that should provide you with all the things you need to know. Thank you!