Is it possible to have two google-oauth2 connections?

I am working on an system with two distinct user roles (seller and customer), each user role will have a separate application. Someone could potentially make an account with both applications.

It seems to be possible to have separate accounts with the same email address using two separate database connections, for example one account (, seller-db-connection) and another account (, customer-db-connection).

However, when I try to create a 2nd google-oauth2 connection, the option to add a google connection shows up as disabled saying it is ‘added’ already.

Is it possible to create two google-oauth2 connections, for two separate applications under the same tenant?


Hello @philippaulmurray !

You can certainly enable a google-oauth2 connection for multiple applications, but you can’t create multiple connections as you’ve noticed. Out of curiosity, what does having 2 separate google social connections achieve?

In theory, someone could create an account for both applications (one as a seller, one as a customer) with the same Google account. I would like to keep these separate, as it would be strange if a someone deleted their account on the customer application, for it to delete their seller account as well.

I think I could use multiple auth0 tenants to achieve this effect. But since auth0 offers the concept of having multiple connections under the same tenant (and multiple db connections per tenant), where you can see all of the accounts across the different connections in a single list, it would be convenient for this to also apply to google-oauth2 and not just db connections.

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Thanks for confirming! I can see how that might be useful - I recommend creating a feedback request if you are interested.

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