Allow multiple google-oauth2 social connections

Feature: Allow multiple social connections of the same type (namely, Google)

Description: The option to add another google social login is disabled if one already exists. I’d like to have two different google connections, with different client ids.

Use-case: Things are often split into different projects within Google, and some projects are internal or external. I’d like one of my SPAs in Auth0 to use one type, and the other the other. Right now, I have to make some concessions with my social logins.

Thank you for creating this feedback @linden.haynes !

I gave it my vote as well :+1:

Currently, the workarounds are:

  1. add a second google social connection by creating a custom OAuth2 social connection (Auth0 dashboard → Authentication → Social → Create connection → Create custom)

  2. create google-oauth2 connection via the Management API call:

→ And after enabling both conneection to a specific client, we have on a login page:

Hope this helps!

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