Is it possible to have different Custom Universal Login Page for each application?


If a tenant has created several applications, and each application need a custom layout universal login page, how to do that?

Or is it possible to read the application related variables an do some if conditions on the layout to show stuff?



The classic experience for universal login allows you to fully customize it and one of the parameters available within that page is the client identifier, so it’s technically possible to change the layout conditionally per application.

However, the more important question… should you? In general the recommendation would be no, you should not. You should think of this page as the common login page used by the different applications (web site, mobile applications, desktop applications) that your service makes available to your end-users.

What’s the use case you have where multiple applications require a completely different branding?

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We white-label our universal login page using the hostname of the config.callbackURL variable. Our use-case is that we sell our app both at the regional association level and at an individual client level. The regional associations have struct branding guidelines that require us to do the white-labeling.

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What does the white label here mean?

Thanks, My use case is pretty simple.
Our system has staging version and production version.
For staging version and production version login page, I want to add a tag on the page to let people know they are entering the staging or production app login page.

Seems like I can read the client identifier on the login page and associate some changes.

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@arel.hello the recommendation for that situation would be to actually have separate tenants for the production and staging environments (

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Thanks! I think that’s reasonable.