Is it possible to do signup/onboarding new organizations?

I would just like to know if Auth0 allows signup/registration for new organizations - sort of self-service registration but instead of users signing-up using with their personal email, it will be signing-up for organizations (e.g., name)?

I have seen this question which is pretty similar to what we wanted to achieve but it was never answered by the community.

Our company is looking to avail the Enterprise edition and part of the business requirements is to do this, so we are hoping we can get answers or path forward from the community. Thanks!


I can now answer your question myself!

If you weren’t looking to purchase the enterprise version then you might run into limits on the number of organisations that you can create, however, given you are you shouldn’t run into any issues in that regard.

Using Auth0’s new organisations system to handle multitenancy, you would need to create your own sign-up form and have your backend server make a call to the Auth0 API to create the new organisation for you.

Then you would sign the new user up into that organisation.

I hope this helps!

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Hello there,

Thanks for your reply and the heads-up regarding the limitations for non-enterprise editions.

I did saw the organization-related APIs and was just thinking I miss something from the documentations.

Thanks for clearing this up. Cheers!

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Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

It might also be worth a look if you can also help experienced users with their onboarding of new users. For example many inexperienced users post questions without MRE, please make it easier for experienced users to ask for missing information. I have probably written hundreds of comments asking for a mre and this gets boring fast. Very fast. I no longer try to explain why or how and now rely on the magic link to explain them, but this often fails. If there were better tooling, for example customisable text blocks, maybe the success to extract missing information from users would be higher.

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Thanks for sharing that feedback!

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