Best practice for onboarding new Organization members


I’m currently putting together the proposal for a SaaS app and Auth0 Organizations seem like a fitting solution to handle multi-tenancy.

I want to use the Auth0 Mgmt API in my Next app to give Organization admins the ability to add members. The thing is, the members do not exist at this stage as they would have not logged in/created an account yet. I am also unsure how to even create the user to become to organization admin, as the user needs to already exist to be able to log in.

I see there is an option to allow members to authenticate via an organization and be automatically added as a member upon successful auth. I am not sure if this is the right thing to do as what is stopping everyone from adding themselves to an org if they are able to guess the org name in the org login screen? Is the idea to allow this to happen, then allow the org admins to either accept/deny them as well as add any roles?

I also tried selecting the option of allowing both personal and organizational logins on the organization page in the dashboard, but wasn’t sure how to control when the organization prompt should be shown. I manually swapped “organization” for “login” in the login url: ( to see what would happen but came to an error.