Is it possible to always display Auth0 universal login even if organization has only single connection?

We have a use case when organizations have only single connection (SAML in our case). Auth0 in this case will skip our branded login form and redirect directly to the users IDP. This can be quite confusing for the users, because their IDPs do not show our company name/logo as universal login page does. So for the users it is unclear that they are actually logging in to our web application. If organization has more than one connection, this is not an issue (Auth0 will display a login form with connections to choose from). Please note, this issue does not have anything to do with force re-authentication (if the user already has a session in Auth0, we are okay with login forms being skipped).

Hi @dsteblyuk, just in case you still need help with this and for the benefit of others here is a solution:
We do not have a switch to turn this On as such, but as a workaround you could achieve this by:

  1. Create and enabled a Database Connection (even if you do not plan to use it) You could also disallow signups in the database setting so no chance that a user will create an account.

  2. Set Authentication profile to Identifier First.

  3. Enable Home Realm Discovery in the SAML Connection > Login Experience, and display connection as button. If a user forgots to use the connection button and enters their email, HRD should redirect to the IDP.


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