Is Auth0 CPRA compliant?

Hello All,
We are planning to use Auth0 in our project. It is going to be available for users all around the world.
One my concern is we need to confirm if Auth0 follows all the privacy compliances of California government (CPAR).
It would be highly appreciated if I get detailed information about CPAR and the country list where Auth0 is restricted.
Thanks in advance.

Hey there!

Here you can find everything about Auth0 compliance and data security:

Hello Konrad,
I didn’t find any details about china and California in you given links.
My simple question is please let us know “is Auth0 will work in China and California with their respective privacy compliances?”
In other words, Is Auth0 follows all the rules set by China and California about User Data Privacy?

Let me follow-up about this one with appropriate team. Will get back to you shortly! However if it’s not mentioned in the doc it’s unlikely we follow those rules but let me confirm

Hey Konrad,
Any updates on this. We are in bit hurry have to take decisions about it ASAP.
It would be great help if you let us know earliest.
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Hey there!

Doing my best here. Asked the question yesterday to our Compliance Team and still waiting for the answer

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay in response but our compliance manager was out of office last week. I got the response that this is something we will be addressing in Q3 and Q4 this year