Iphone auth0 sometimes fails or very slow in uniwebview

Hello everyone.
I have a question about auth0.
our service environment is same next…

frontend framework : vue3 cli
backend framework : laravel v9.x

I open this spa page made by vue3 in uniwebview(unity webview)
and try to login with auth0 apple login… but very slow or does not find success log in auth0 mornitoring menu…

I tried in some device result is same next…
iphone 12 : fail
iphone 12 mini : fail
iphone 15 pro max : fail
ipad mini6 : success
samsung : success

I set code button in click event
                                    store.commit('login/CHECK_STATE', 'login');
                                    store.commit('login/CHECK_KIND', 'apple');
                                        appState: { target: '/login/loginEnd' },
                                        authorizationParams: { 
                                            connection: 'apple', 
                                            redirect_uri: address

when I find auth0 function, login function is async function…
1.Should I use this function with await?