iOS Objective-C Callback URL for Google


I’m working with the sample application for iOS Objective-C. I’m trying to test out the Google Sign-On process. When I test it from the web, it says everything works. When I test it from the iOS project, I’m getting a Cannot GET printout error from the callback.

On this page: Auth0 iOS / macOS SDK Quickstarts: Login

For Step 3, what exactly is the callback URL supposed to be?


But, when I do my app bundle identifier without doing my URL that is for my account this doesn’t work.

It requires the HTTPS://{my_auth0 domain}

Any ideas what this is supposed to be configured to???

Hi Sandy,

I presume you tried the source in the subsequent chapter, in the section that talks about Google Connections you need to set the useUniversalLink param to NO. Otherwise it will use the HTTPS URL e.g.

A0SafariAuthenticator *safari = [A0SafariAuthenticator alloc] initWithLock:lock connectionName:@"google-oauth2" useUniversalLink:NO];

As an example a callback URL would be something like


I’ll update the Docs regarding the useUniversalLink

What’s the link for this that talks about useUniversalLink. I don’t think I recall seeing this setting in Auth0. =(

That worked. In the sample code that I downloaded from Auth0’s github, it doesn’t have “useUniversalLink” in their code. I’m assuming that this is required?? What exactly is useUniversalLink doing?

In my callback URL, I had “HTTPS” in it. So, shouldn’t it have used it??