[iOS][Auth0][Clear Session]How to Configure Logout Message iOS Auth0

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Question: Is there any way to configure the Auth0 alert message when clearing a session.

When Auth0’s clear session method is called a permission alert is displayed which says
Current Behaviour: “SampleApp” Wants to Use “sampleserver.com” to Sign In
Expected Behaviour: “SampleApp” Wants to Use “sampleserver.com” to Sign Out

Is there any way we can configure the message or avoid showing this alert.

Platform : iOS
Auth0 SDK: 1.14
Xcode Version: 10.1
iOS Version: 12.1

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Hey there @siri!

Not 100% sure about it but let me research it and get back to you once I have something to share!

Hey again!

It seems like our docs doesn’t provide any info whether it’s possible to customise that message:


Let me play a bit more with credentialsManager class and see if you can somehow manipulate it’s properties to achieve that!

Hey there!

I checked CredentialsManager class:

Credentials class:

and CredentialsManagerSpec class:

and there’s no way you can change the info message there. I also went through all other classed available in the SDK. It seems like there is no way to configure that message, unfortunately.

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