Auth0 iOS Logout

It’s very confusing how to actually perform logout… I’m currently trying this and it doesn’t do anything, I’m still logged in

func logoutAuth0(callback: @escaping(Bool) -> ()) {
        CredentialsManager(authentication: Auth0.authentication()).revoke { (error) in
            A0SimpleKeychain.init(service: "Auth0").clearAll()
                .clearSession(federated: true) { (done) in
                    callback(CredentialsManager(authentication: Auth0.authentication()).clear())

I’ve read the docs but they seem vague to me or maybe I’m dull headed. If anyone could tell me what I’m doing wrong, I’d greatly appreciate it !


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Hi @danield,

Welcome to the Community!

Is it not clearing the session on the server or the credentials client side?

was missing logout callback url in dashboard. fixed

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Thanks for following up!

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