Swift log-out function not working correctly


Not sure if I post my question in the correct topic but I have troubles with log-out.
In the app I use the following code:

.clearSession(federated: true) { (Bool) in
A0SimpleKeychain.init(service: “Auth0”).clearAll()

With this code I call something like “https://.com/v2/logout”
And I clear the keychain and credentials.

When this is done I redirect to login view and press the login button. However I get signed in again without inserting my username and pasword.

When I call the “https://.com/v2/logout” url in safari itself it is logging me out completely like it should but when I call the same url again in a web view inside the application, the result is that I am not completely logged out.

Can someone tell me what is the correct way to totally sign-out a user so the user will be prompted for username and password again. :slight_smile:

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This seems to be a known issue, already reported in the past. Auth0 didn’t yet provide a solution to the problem.