iOS app with RoR API

I want to use an iOS app with my own RoR API server for all the data my app needs, with all the users obviously connecting to the RoR API server.

So my question is do I only need to integrate on the iOS side? Or RoR side? Or both?

And there is a token I would use?

I think the answer is only to use on iOS side, or maybe both. There is an auth0 token?

I just want to understand the basics of this typical use case, because I had some problems in the past with Firebase login, having to do it all server side.

It seems like this should be an easy question, but I am still overwhelmed with all the simple tutorials just plugging in the SDK.

This is basically just converting a simple login/password iOS app with RoR SDK to use auth0.

Thank you

Hi stevezy, and welcome to the community!

I believe this guide is exactly what you are looking for:

To answer your question: you will add Auth0 on the iOS side and some way to validate the token on the API side. The token I refer to is the JWT access token returned to the mobile app after the use logs in:

Please let me know if that clears things up for you.