Using both Rails API and plain Rails authentication?

I’m looking to replace the Devise based authentication to Auth0 on a Rails 6 application being updated. As part of this update, I’ll also be adding an API. This API will be used both by web users using a partially React front-end (eventually it will be all React but that’s a long term topic) as well as general API applications. I’ve looked at the samples for Rails web applications as well as Rails API applications. They both seem to work just fine for the use-cases they already have but the problem is that I need a use-case that sort of combines both of them. What I’m needing is a login for web users that gives them access to certain private areas of the website (likely using OmniAuth) and access to the API while I also need a way for API users to login and just get access to the API (possibly using JWT).

What is the recommended way to handle this with Auth0?