Ionic Hybrid App and Google "disallowed_useragent"

I have built an hybrid app that works on both browser and on phone, everything works right on browser, but when running the app in phone, and trying to login via google, it shows “disallowed_useragent” error.
I’ve noticed there are ways to use auth0-cordova lib but is there a way I can use single solution that works for both browser and phone?

Based on the documentation the way Ionic/Cordova works is by running your application within a WebView provided by the underlying mobile operating system. It does a whole lot more, but that’s the main point relevant for this situation.

Mixing the Google requirement that WebView’s are not allowed for authentication with the fact that your single solution application would be achievable by running it within a WebView for the mobile case then you soon reach the conclusion that although you may be able to reuse a lot of code/logic there will be the need for some specific implementation depending on the platform.