Getting disallowed_useragent error with Android Lock

I see this issue in the forum here but it’s always related to cordova or xamarin… so similar but different?

On Android I’m using the dependency and getting the disallowed_useragent error when doing Google authentication, is there something else I should be doing\using?

Code being used:

If you’re already using the latest version of Lock Android then by default it will ask to use the OS browser instead of a WebView which will not trigger the error.

I was only able to reproduce this situation if you explicitly use the useBrowser(false) option to force the use of a WebView. However, if you do this Google will then complain given their decision to not support WebView for authentication purposes so you can’t force that option.

Hmmm, I dont seem to be doing any of that :confused:

Is it something in the manifest maybe?