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Ionic/Cordova + Auth0 social connection not working



Hi auth0 community!

i followed the quick start tutorial as explained here, with which I could access a email-password auth0 login page when trying to log in from my ionic app.

However, when switching on the Google social connection on the Auth0 dashboard, no extra button appears when seeing the auth0 login page in the app, the page still only displays an email and password input boxes. The same happens with a custom Uber connection that I also created.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


:wave: hi @Reinhard, when you enabled the Google social connection in the Auth0 Dashboard, in the Settings > Applications were you able to select the Application for which you want to enable this connection (and clicked saved when you’re done)?


Hi @kim.noel, yes this has been done and we have made sure that “save” has been clicked afterwards. We have even created a totally new application in auth0 to test the connection.

On a side note, when disabling all the database connections, and only enabling Google, the auth0 login screen displays the error “Something went wrong, please contact your service administrator” (I cannot remember the precise wording). When looking at the device’s console log through Chrome dev tools, the error is returned, “At least one database, social or enterprise connection should be enabled”


Thanks for double checking! If you are using hosted pages can you check you have set Google as an allowed connection, it’ll look something like:

  var lock = new Auth0Lock(config.clientID, config.auth0Domain, {
   allowedConnections: ['Username-Password-Authentication', 'google-oauth2', ...],