Social Connectors broken with Custom Login HTML

Hello! I changed my login page to a custom HTML template and since then, my social connectors for Google and Microsoft Accounts are broken. The user is redirected, they authenticate, but then the callback to my application fails. The application just sits on the callback page as if it has nothing to process. Username/Password database connections work fine and I have no issues with those.

If I switch back to the Auth0 lock, the connectors work fine.

My custom code is on codepen:

I can see successful logins in the Auth0 logs so I’m just not sure where the problem is or if I’ve done something wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

To add additional details: After the authentication I am returned to the app with the following in the callback URL:


I don’t know why this callback URL is returned but I think this is the source of the problem.

Additionally, there are no errors in the browser console or the Auth0 logs.

hey @tvick

same issue i faced i am using social login and after authentication URL as same like /callback?code=abcdedghijk&state=kf-lsdfpewojfsfm

i dont know how to configure this url as My Dashboard Application Callback URL.

find any solution do help


hi @re.thak, I was able to get this working once I obtained my own keys for the social providers. I finally found inthe Auth0 docs that social logins do not work with custom domains if you are using Auth0 development keys.

see here:

Once I obtained keys from Google and Microsoft, social logins are now working.


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