Error while custom Social login

I have created a custom Social connection and configured the parameters and endpoint correctly.
When I try to test the connection using the try connection feature in Auth0 I get an error attached in the screenshot.

The connection redirects to the identity provider and I was able to enter the username/password and it successfully authenticated the user.

In the fiddler I can see that the Identity provider is redirecting back to Auth0 with code in the query string.

And then I could see another request from Auth0 to resume the authorization like below


But the above call fails and I could see the attached error message. I have no clue what is the issue and I can’t proceed further.

Hi @kiran.b.chandran ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Could you please provide additional contexts:

  • the name of your tenant
  • any error in the tenant log
  • What type of social connection


Hi @lihua.zhang I have shared the requested details by responding to the email I have received.

Hi @lihua.zhang Did you get the details I have replied through email? If not could you please share some email to send this details? I cannot post the details here because the data is quite sensitive.

Hi @kiran.b.chandran ,

Do you mind send the details to me via DM again? I could not find them in my inbox for some reason. Thanks!

Hi @lihua.zhang I can’t share it here coz the data is sensitive. Please share your email or another alternative.

Hi @kiran.b.chandran ,

If you reach me by email directly, your email might be blocked because Okta has a secure email system. To share sensitive information, we always suggest customers send a DM on the Community Forum.

Please click on my name/profile picture → click the Message button, and you will be able to send a DM to me. The DM is not visible to the public.

Hi @lihua.zhang Any updates. I have shared the details through DM 10 days before.