Ionic/Capacitor app update while user logged in

SDK: auth0 Ionic with Angular
SDK Version: @ionic/angular": “^5.9.3”, @auth0/auth0-angular": “^1.8.2”,
Node: 14.17.0

If I update my app while logged in, I guess I lose my auth0 claim, so the app simply becomes unresponsive.
I can’t seem to sort how to look for this and force the app user to logout and log back in.

I’ve set these up in my ngInit and ionViewDidEnter (not both at the same time) to see if either of these will fire on an update:

const test = this.authen.isAuthenticated$.subscribe((data)=>{
      const ers = this.auth.error$.subscribe((data)=>{
        if(data.message == 'Timeout'){

The error$ will fire off after about a minute with a timeout error, but that’s it. And this error seems a little too generic to act on?
Looking at the user$ object now to see if that will be useful here.

If you need a social sign in inside your Ionic app, adding Capacitor Google sign in is actually a breeze to implement after some initial configuration.