[auth0/ionic-angular] Need help with starter project

I’ve donwloaded the base ionic-angular project (auth + google login) from auth0 (Auth0 Ionic & Capacitor (Angular) SDK Quickstarts: Add login to your Ionic Angular with Capacitor app), configured the app settings from the dashboard, but I’m still getting unintended behaviours.

gets stuck after login press on device (Xiaomi M2007J3SY + Chrome) > Seems to work with "Mi Browser" > Stuck after google login
gets stuck after google login on simulator but actually redirects to callback?code={code} but fails to load the page (fixed : configured correct port from dashboard > goes to /home with no UI effect)
after login with google redirects to /home without any apparent UI effect (no user shown)

After downloading the project a second time I’ve noticed that I got a completely different outcome where the login (auth + google login page) is skipped and goes directly to home with a 401 token in the network tab

Should I report an issue?