I am trying to implement auth0 active directory into my Ionic 3 app,before that i am using the sample provided by auth0 using Ionic 2+ Quickstart tutorial :
alt text
Everything up to this point is fine, but when i login:
alt text

I followed all the steps and included my callback URLs and CORs, but it still doesnt work.

I know this has been asked several times, but i still can’t find the answer that i need. Hope this can be resolved

I haven’t used Ionic in a while, but there’s something fishy with that address bar. From the information you provided the redirect URL should have a custom scheme of io.ionic.starter.auth0, but then on the address bar it is showing with HTTP http://io.ionic.starter.auth0:// while I would assume it should show as io.ionic.starter.auth0://.

Thank you for replying. Nice find, however i followed every single steps, i did not include http:// anyway in my code and callback url.