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Getting an unknown URL scheme error in Ionic 2



I have a problem integrating Auth0 authentication into an Ionic 2 application. After login, my app stay in blank page with error: “Web page not available”.

Follow link of picture bellow:


The error you mention is about an unknown URL scheme. If you follow the Ionic 2 quickstart there are instructions on how to setup the cordova-plugin-customurlscheme plugin so that the custom URL scheme is handled by your application.

If you haven’t done that part correctly then no application is available to handle such custom URL scheme which would ultimately end with the error in question. I would recommend you to verify if you performed all the configuration required so that your application handles the custom scheme.


I get the same issue on specific android devices. It works normally on my LG android devices. But when deployed on my Samsung Android tablet it doesn’t redirect when having logged in. See the screen below that I get after logging on my devices

![alt text][1]

FYI, I have followed the instructions mentioned and it is correctly configured. It works on most devices (Android and iOS).

Devices used

  • Galaxy Tab A (2016) SM-T280 (doesn’t work)
    Android version 5.1.1
  • LG -D722 (works)
    Android version 5.0.2
  • iPhone 5s (works)
    iOS version 11.0.3


@ctl.deg did you manage to solve it?


You may already went through this GH issue which describes also an issue with Android 5.1.1 and to be honest even if you didn’t there’s not a definitive solution, but at least it has things to try to check for. If you can also share a minimal app that reproduces the issues that may help in troubleshooting (feel free to create your own question).