Auh0 callback not working, results in net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

I have an existing Ionic application with Angular and Cordova. We have the app released to production for years. Lately we get the error “Webpage not available… net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME”. The scheme is of course our package id (

It is not a configuration error, as it works on most phones. But our latest release was rejected by Google due to the above error. After some looking around, I find that it works on a Samsung s20, but not a Pixel 4. I’m assuming Google is testing with the Pixel. What would be the difference with the two phones? They are both running Android and Chrome.

Hi there @rjarrard welcome to the community!

When exactly does this error crop up for you? I see quite a bit of chatter around this in various places online, but your case is a bit unique in that it is working one one device and not another. Are both devices running the same version of Chrome, Android, etc.?

I did come across the following Github Issue which may be worth looking into - It looks like there is a PR currently open to address this.

Keep us posted!

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