Invited a user using magic link. after it expires I cant send again to that user

Hello there,

the scenario goes like this. as a user I invited an email and generated a magic link to that email. once I invited that email, the user on user management updates with the email being registered as a user but never logged in.

now, after a while, the magic link expires. when I try to invite again the said email, I cant. because Ive put a logic on my invite that before sending a magic link, if the email exist on users on auth0 dashboard(user management) it will not invite that email.

since that user only got the expired link, I cant send a new invitation on that user. any chance you have some workaround for this?


In this scenario, you can consider the following workaround to address the issue:

  1. Automated Expiry Notifications: Implement a system that automatically notifies users when their magic link is about to expire. This can be done through automated emails or in-app notifications, reminding the user to log in before the link expires.

  2. Refresh Link Option: Provide the user with an option to request a new magic link if the previous one has expired. This can be facilitated through a “Resend Magic Link” feature on the login page or through a dedicated link expiration management interface.

  3. Custom Link Expiry Period: Allow for the customization of the magic link expiry period. This enables you to set a longer validity period for the magic links, reducing the likelihood of users encountering expired links.

  4. Manual Intervention: As a temporary measure, you can manually trigger a new invitation for the user by leveraging the Auth0 Management API. This allows you to bypass the automated logic and manually send a new invitation to the user’s email address.

Implementing these workarounds can help mitigate the impact of expired magic links and provide users with alternative options to access the platform without being hindered by expired invitations.

If you need assistance with implementing any of these workarounds or require further guidance, feel free to ask for additional support.