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I have a React SPA where I want a user to be able to invite a teammate to join his team. The user will invite the teammate using the teammate’s email, then the teammate will receive an email that redirects him to a sign-up page. On the sign up page, I want the user to be able to either register using their email and password OR simply register using Google Oauth.

I’m trying to figure out the best “flow” for this, and am not sure if I need to use Lock. I’m not sure if the sign-up page needs to be custom or if I could already use the Auth0 api. I’ve read a ton of documentation and posts and cannot figure out what I need. Is there a simple way to implement this? Thanks in advance!

Hi @cramer,

Typically invite flows are used for database connections (such as the default database connection “Username-Password-Authentication”) and not social connections such as Google.

Here are the docs for invite flows:

Since you’ll be needing social connections in the flow, I’ll have to do some more research and let you know!

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks, I’m using the default database connection “Username-Password-Authentication”.

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Hi @cramer,

I’ve looked into this a bit and have some more information.

The guide on invitation flow linked above assumes you will be using database connections only (not social connections such as Gmail/Google).

What you could do is follow the guide and create users in advance as database connections. You could then use the Account Link Extension to merge their accounts if they choose to log in with Google at any point.

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