Invalid token sometimes?

We have a React SPA using auth0js. Sometimes, our users are unable to login. In those cases, the auth0 logs indicate successful authentication (e.g. auth0 log id: 90020210120135548300081259399607541298971575755827314770), but the javascript using auth0.js libraries encounters an invalid token.

Not sure if it’s related, but these users seem to have ipv6 addresses. We do not have any custom auth0 rules (at all).

Anyone have any ideas on what might be impacting these users?

Hey there!

Can you open it as a GitHub issue in auth0.js repo so we can work on that directly with the repo maintainers? Share the link to it here once you open it so we can ping them. Thank you!

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Thanks I’ll ping repo maintainers in a few minutes!

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