Invalid_request: Missing required parameter: response_type when going back the application

I’m a paid customer and working on a SPA with new universal login.

I have set up the application’s login URL (https://my-custom-domain/authorize) as well as the tenant’s default login URI (https://my-custom-domain/authorize). I’m able to signup and log in without any problem.

When verifying the email for new signup, I’m able to successfully verify the email. However, when trying to go back to the application, I got an error saying “invalid_request: Missing required parameter: response_type”

I got the same error when following the link to accept an invitation to an organization or going back to the application after a password reset.

Am I missing any configuration in my tenant?

Hi @billyf,

It sounds like there may be some misunderstanding on the function of the default login routes.

These routes should not be pointed directly to the Auth0 /authorize endpoint. Instead, they should be pointed to a route in your application that initializes the login process from your application.

For example, your application might have a /login route that sets the login parameters and sends a request to authorize.

This doc has an example that explains how it works with an organization invite.

Hope that helps!