Description Missing required parameter: response_type

I am trying Auth0 Jwt integration,
Login to your auth0 app by heading to this URL:

https://<auth0-domain><client_id>&protocol=oauth2&response_type=token%20id_token&redirect_uri=<callback_uri>&scope=openid%20profile .

I replaced the auth0 domain ,client id and callback url
getting the error

invalid_request : Missing required parameter: response_type"

in auth0 logs: Type
Failed Login
Missing required parameter: response_type

id_token is not generating

Please post the original authorization request (/authorize) you’re making from within your app. What OAuth2 grant type are you using? Or are you entering this URL you mentioned directly in the browser like this?

Curious: where did you get this info from that you’d should be calling the /login url, or why are you calling it int he first place?

You can refer to the Authentication API docs and check the correct API endpoint, depending on the grant type you’re using.

I am trying to generate token id , using Hasura , referring the blog

In this url i need to replace , my auth0 domain and client id and callback url

https://<auth0-domain><client_id>&protocol=oauth2&response_type=token%20id_token&redirect_uri=<callback_uri>&scope=openid%20profile .

then I am getting the error

Ok, I think the Hasura docs aren’t right. In the URL you’re testing, can you simply replace the /login with /authorize instead, as per this docs.

The URL is not right, firstly, it’s not login but should be authorize, and also the parameters in the Harusa docs aren’t correct, for example it should be client_id and not client. Please take a look at the docs I linked, there’s is an exact example given, also add a nonce, then it works. I just tested it.

@mathiasconradt : Thank you

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