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"invalid distance too far back" Log

We noticed in our logs that we are getting some errors with a Type “Failed Login”. When we look at the description it reads “invalid distance too far back” and the Application is N/A, which is different than all of our other messages (which have an application).

Does anyone have any idea of what this message means?

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Hey there :slight_smile:
I probably know what it’s about. We call it impossible travel. So let’s say that a user wants to login in point A (Boston for example) and ten minutes later he wants to login in point B (Spain Europe) which is impossible as they’re not there. Might it be like that? Is it about your user?

I don’t feel that this is the case. When I do a search for these messages, including “invalid bit length repeat” and other messages showing up like this, they seem to all come back to ZIP compression. What scenarios would cause these or where they originate from (Auth0 or something in between) is my primary concern.

Ok gotchya! Let me perform some research then and get back to you soon with the news!