Introducing the New Universal Login Experience

See how to implement Auth0’s Universal Login experience to simplify your UX with a clean, simplified design, our reimagined login flows, and quick-loading, performant pages.

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What do you think about the new Universal Login Experience?

What is your favorite new feature? Let us know :writing_hand:

I like the new Universal Login but can’t use it currently.

I use the Auth0 .NET Oidc client for WinForms (using standard quickstart). The issue is, with the new login, if you type in the wrong email or password, you instantly just receive the HttpError message and the browser closes. The classic login doesn’t do this and will let you keep trying.

Thanks a lot for that feedback! I’ll make sure to relay it to appropriate team!

Thank you! It would be awesome to have that fixed :slight_smile:

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Will do my best to advocate for it!

When will the mentioned limitations ( be resolved?

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Unfortunately there is no public ETA for those. Maybe @andres.aguiar can put some light on that

@konrad.sopala any updates here?

It would be good to know when these features will be available for planning purposes. I’m currently not able to use the New Login experience due to some of its limitations

Hey there @afreix!

Totally sorry for the inconvenience. Let me connect you here with Universal Login product manager so he can put some light on the whole thing. Thank you!

Hi @afreix

We’ll be continuously improving our new Universal Login Experience, adding features that are not available in the Classic one and closing the feature gap, but we don’t have a public timeline for it yet.

Would you mind sharing what missing feature is blocking you to adopt it?



Hi @andres.aguiar,

The main blocker right now is the inability to open up the login screen to the “Sign Up” page. It’s very confusing for new users to be immediately taken to the “Login” screen if they have never made an account before.

Hey there @afreix!

Terribly sorry for the experience. We’re really ware of that. You can find a discussion on this topic in this thread:


I couldn’t get new universal login working with JavaScript disabled. I got a core mvc application. Login works when javascript enabled. I could see the login page but seeing a blank screes as soon as I enter login credentials and click login.

Hey there Kodali!

Can you open another topic with your struggle providing more context around it as well as some reproduction steps so we can. investigate that more?